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Company presentation
Establishment August 1973 Tokushima Headquarters
▲Tokushima Headquarters
President Masaharu Kamei
Capital 40 Million Yen
Sales Amount 5.09 Billion Yen (in 2016)
Employees 91
Activities Manufacture, sale, import and export of Drugs, Quasi-drugs, Medical devices (for human and animal use), Veterinary drugs , Veterinary quasi-drugs, Medicine for fishery, Poisonous materials, Cosmetics, Air fresheners, Deodorants, Cleaning products, food and pet food products, Industrial & Agrochemicals, Fertilizer and Garden supplies, Pest control products and health care products, pet care products, Electrical products, Machineries and parts, Resin products.
Headquarters Kinshicho Prime Tower 15F, 1-5-7 Kameido, Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-0071, Japan
923 Kagasuno, Kawauchi-cho, Tokushima 771-0130 Japan
Sales Offices Tokyo office (Koto-ku), Kita-Nippon office (Sendai city),
Nagoya office (Nagoya city), Osaka office (Moriguchi city),
Chugoku office (Hiroshima city), Shikoku office (Tokushima city),
Fukuoka office (Fukuoka city)
The president・Masaharu Kamei
From the president
Company Philosophy “Live in Harmony with the Best Quality”
  “Protect our Precious Earth and Create the Best Products”
Company Motto “Enthusiasm .Originality .Sincerity”
  “Challenge .Evolution .Contribution”
As a member of the Otsuka Group, we are determined to contribute to the society so that people can live rich and comfortable lives. ▲The president
Masaharu Kamei
Our company is currently involved in research, development and supplying professional environmental sanitation products, pets care products, functional pet foods, health and beauty human products, etc.
We have consistently developed original goods that are not harmful to the environment. As a result we have been able to launch insecticides for mosquitos and flies using the Insect Growth Regulator in the environmental sanitation areas and pest monitoring products using insect pheromones in agricultural areas ahead of the other companies. In the field of pet products, we have launched the first spot-on type flea and tick control products (Earth Sunspot) on the market.
We have developed and been supplying to users innovative products such as the electronic flea trap using our research results related to insect behavior and semiconductor technology (Denshi-Nomitori Hoi-Hoi), fan type mosquito killer, and functional oral care snacks (Taberareru-Hamigaki-Rope). In the field of health and beauty products, we have succeeded in expanding our product lines using placenta and other unique ingredients and have been leading the market.
Our company is constantly in the search of new ideas and of new ways to make use of proven technologies and knowledge in order to develop new and useful products. We evolve with society, in harmony with the natural enviroment and local community and would like to contribute to the world.
I sincerely hope that you will find this web site useful and that it will allow you also to have a deeper understanding of our company and products.
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